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    What is Worker’s Comp Insurance?

    Most states require Worker’s Compensation Insurance (also known as simply “Worker’s Comp”).  That’s because it protects both employees and the employer in the event of a workplace injury.  Worker’s Comp covers medical and physical therapy costs, and provides income for lost earnings to the employee during the period they are unable to work.  Additionally, it helps protect employers from lawsuits initiated by employees with regard to workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. State laws can vary with regard to Worker’s Comp protection.

    Do you need Worker’s Comp Insurance?

    If your company has any employees working in Idaho, whether full-time, part-time, seasonal, or occasional unless specifically exempt by law, then you are required to have Worker’s Comp insurance.

    Why Balanced Rock Insurance Agency, Inc. for your Worker’s Comp needs?

    We have been providing Worker’s Comp insurance to Idaho companies for more than 30 years.  We work with both private carriers and the Idaho State Insurance Fund to secure Worker’s Comp for our clients.

    • We will assess your risk and work with you to minimize your exposure.
    • We will customize a package to fit your needs, providing the lowest possible rate, while complying with all state laws.
    • We are very knowledgeable in claims and customer service, assuring you get expert guidance should a work injury occur.

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