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    Lower Your Premiums and Increase Productivity with Wellness Benefits

    Many employers are helping their employees take charge of their health through wellness programs.  That’s because studies are showing that employers who promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace report a substantial increase in productivity, moral and a noticeable reduction in absenteeism.

    And, there’s more.

    Because wellness programs have proven to lower claims, many carriers have conducted research and developed programs geared to keep their members healthy and out of the doctor’s office. To that end, both employers and employees benefit through lower premiums and increased employee/employer satisfaction, making wellness programs a great investment in your employees and a smart strategy for increasing your bottom line.

    Balanced Rock Insurance Agency, inc. works with carriers who have incorporated wellness into their group health products, and we work with other partners as well that will help you to incorporate wellness benefits/programs at little or no cost.

    Following are just a few examples of wellness benefits and their advantages.

    Wellness Programs

    • Biometric screening, education and preventative programs

    • Onsite or virtual physical fitness & nutritional classes

    • Smoking cessation programs

    • Substance abuse counseling

    • Financial counseling


    • Reduced claims

    • Improved patient care and outcomes

    • Reduction in various health risks, healthier workforce

    • Improved morale, loyalty and productivity

    • Attract and retain top employees